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Who can use Bitrix24?

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Bitrix24 is a Cloud Self-hosted intranet solution which handles many aspects of daily operations and tasks.

Bitrix24 replaces a great number of collaboration tools, providing a single work area for all your projects, contacts, files, phone calls and even emails!

CRM is included in the Free Plan - the best option for small businesses and non-profit organisations.

Bitrix24 is designed for small and medium-sized companies (3-999 users).

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Bitrix24 immediately allows a user
to access core-critical processes
like secure groups, CRM, and
document management intuitively.
The product is instantly adoptable
to all levels of technical expertise

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Tasks and Projects

The Most Popular Collaboration Tools are available in Bitrix24

Document Management

It is FREE up to 12 users*
*The use of business tools in free plan is limited to 12 users

For enterprise-level clients we’re
offering Bitrix24 Self-hosted version.

It’s a perfect solution for a team to
work on projects, share documents,
invite experts, and just have fun!

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I am using the task management feature.
I have been looking for a better task management system and this is one of the best I have found so far.

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are already
using Bitrix24


layers of
security protection

users worldwide

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social collaboration,
communication and
management tools



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Cloud Subscription or Self-hosted

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 It's free! You can set up your Social Intranet with a built-in CRM in just 2 minutes! 
 You can create and manage an unlimited number of projects, share files and discuss ideas with your colleagues and partners!
 No credit card required! The registration procedure is simple, transparent, and free. No worries - we will not use your email for spam.
 Upgrade anytime! As your company grows, you can switch to a paid plan with extended features and unlimited users!
 5 GB Online space (need more?                       our Facebook page and ask for a +10Gb promo code before)

Please check out our special and NZ testimonials below

The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

Bitrix24 has extensive organizational features which enhance efficiency at the personal and group levels. Tasks can be defined for oneself or assigned to a colleague, or delegated after being received.

Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24.Drive will make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use.

Real Time Communications

Time is money and nothing is faster than real time communications. Bitrix24 gives you a wide choice of RTC tools, from instant messaging and group chat to phone calls, mobile messaging, video calls and videoconferencing.

You can use Bitrix24 as a free human resources management system. All the features – from an employee directory and a self-service portal to leave management and work reports are there, wrapped in a social interface that your staff and HR department will love to use.

Use Bitrix24 to call to any mobile phone or land line, domestically or internationally. You don’t need any special IP-telephony equipment, you can call from your Bitrix24 portal anywhere where there’s a reliable internet connection.

We use Bitrix24 CRM tool to strengthen student relations, increase productivity and marketing - these are top priorities of Skills Update Training Institute. 

Skills Update Training Institute, NZ

Nigel, Auckland

Jamison K. Bell

Joyce, Auckland

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